November 16, 2010

From India With...

In an earlier post dated 11/09/09 I had caricatured the physical change Obama had after his visit to China, Korea, and Japan. This time around the change was more of a different nature.

Obama went to India with a laundry list of wants. That included selling stuff to India to the tune of $10 billion. The deal would, hopefully, generate more than 50,000 jobs for Americans. Won't the big guns send the backoffice jobs to India and manufacturing jobs to China again to save money? Of course they would.

Obama promised to keep all the jobs in America in his inaugural speech. Will he keep his promise? May be not. Why? Banning outsourcing of jobs may not be a good idea because protectionism is a double-edged weapon that can cut both ways with unpleasant outcomes.

What did India get from Obama? A promise of a seat in the Security Council. And what did India reward Obama for his generosity? A Nehru cap, I guess!

Note: Illustrator CS5 and Photoshop CS5 were used in creating the Obama illustration.

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