May 4, 2011

A Painter Thing

Creating a painting after a photograph is not a big deal. Of late artists of all shades do it, especially when the modus operandi in question is digital painting using Painter. Or Photoshop!

The urge to paint digitally nagged me as soon as I was introduced to Fotostyler, a painting program from Aldus. No sooner Aldus was acquired by Adobe than they restyled Fotostyler and christened it Photoshop. Painter was called Fractal Painter when I first started using it.

Whether an artist uses Painter or Photoshop, it's all about what he/she does with it. The same goes with good old oil and watercolor paintings. It's not about the tool but about how a person uses it.

This painting is done after a classic wedding photograph by Cliff Mautner, "One of the top ten wedding photographers in the world."