August 9, 2015

Storm Clouds at Peggy's Cove in the Morning

The morning looked so beautiful with the blue sky and a calm sea. There was hardly anything to complain about. But before one could say, "WOW! what a beautiful day," a sliver of cloud appeared on the western horizon. Soon there was rumbling of thunder in the distance and a wind that was picking up speed and churning the water into high waves.

It took me the most time so far for a painting. It began with just a lighthouse, the sky, and some rocks. And of course the sea. The rest were added as the work progressed, I mean dragged, over a period of many months! I could still tinker with it. Add a lightning bolt and more seagulls. May be. But it's done for now.

Acrylic on canvas | Size: 48" x 24" | Not for Sale