November 7, 2016

Old Church

Methodist Church on Spruceton Road, West Kill.
West Kill is a hamlet of Lexington, Greene County, NY.

Watercolor sketch from my sketchbook 

October 20, 2016

Pappy: A Neighbor

Watercolor illustration of "Pappy," a good old neighbor at my erstwhile home in Karivara. It's a remote village in the picturesque High Range of Kerala. The illustration is based on a photograph I'd taken while visiting Karivara in 2012.

Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper 300 gsm | 22x15

October 18, 2016

V.S.O.P. on Coffee Table

According to Donald Trump he does not drink or smoke. Me either. The similarities end right there. But I do like something about most booze: their captivating labels. Small wonder I keep coming back and looking at them in many different ways. Especially through the eye of a camera. Here's one such look at the French brandy, St. Remy, clicked right on my coffee table with an iPhone.

May 7, 2016

Into the Storm

Medium: Acrylic  |  Canvas: Gallery Wrapped
Colors: Atelier Interactive  |   Size: 48″x30″  |  SOLD

Monsoon storms have rarely stopped a Kerala fisherman
from taking his boat into the sea. 
Especially when there’s plenty of fish to catch.
Waiting for the storm to clear is never an option. 
Though it may appear to be a risky venture, for a seasoned fisherman it’s
an opportunity 
that comes knocking not many times a year. 

Image Courtesy: Nick Melidonis


April 20, 2016

Monsoon Rain in Kerala

Watercolor Sketch
Monsoon in Kerala brings forth torrential rains.
It may disrupt normal life for most people.
With flooded rivers and roads, travel can be a difficult undertaking.